Monday, April 19, 2010

Staple-gun Hand...

I have "staple-gun hand" lol. I spent last night helping some friends re-upholster their dining room seat cushions after they had a house fire. That spot between my thumb and pointer finger is KILLING me from squeezing the staple-gun about 3 billion times- but they turned out beautiful and I was happy to help. Things like this always make me feel good- being creative and crafty. Working all these hours has really taken a toll on my creativity the past few years- but I am slowly claiming it back.

This past year I took on the master bedroom re-design. I went with an overall calming effect and a hollywood regency style. I chose a dove gray wall color- it has lavendar tones and a soft gray hue- very soothing to the eye. The bed was one I had for a few years- and I added a lavendar silk tufted headboard to it. I made the headboard with fabric, foam, masonite, and a staple gun.

The furniture I got off craigslist- it was a steal! All vintage Henredon dresser, mirror, nightstand, and 90 inch long vanity for 300 bucks! IT is all dovetailed and beautifully crafted. Honestly I dont ever see myself letting go of this bedroom set. The white nightstands we bought from a friend for $25 and painted them white- they are also vintage- and I still need to add the crystal knobs. You can also see the lucite lamps and behind them are mirrors I made to flank each side of the bed out of leftover masonite and mirror tiles we used at my wedding. I painted them white and painted a vine motif with the pearl glaze, so you can only see it when the light catches it. i hot glued the mirrors and crystals all around it.

The prints around the silver mirror are from a calendar (which is my favorite trick to save money and create a clean modern look with art) of black and white photos of Paris. The frames are from the Dollar General store- 3 bucks a pop. Its a high end look without spending much money. Anytime you use something in repetition it looks more expensive.
On the dresser I have 2 silver apples that are containers of junk as well lol. Apples mean alot to me since I cant wait to get back to NYC and silver accessories are clean and sparkly without being overly feminine.
This is another view of the vanity- the piece facing in the picture is the nightstand- I turned it this way and sat it against the vanity to create an "L-shape" and added the $50 target bookcase for more interest. It is filled with trinkets Brad and I selected together. He always jokes when he sees something or I point something out that I will probably just paint it silver- most of the time he is right LOL. The white vases are vintage from the salvation army in Madisonville for 25 cents each and the branches are pussy-willow from hobby lobby. The only thing that will be changing here is the carpet. We have already bought a dark walnut hardwood floor to put in when we can find the time. Also the curtains I made- they are also a dove gray in a velvet so they block the light and in person add texture without overwhelming the eye.

I was so excited to find these prints! they are of NYC landmarks and were gray and lavendar- perfect for my room! And also in the style of art that was popular at the same time hollywood regency was. You can also see the paint detail that I did. I used a translucent pearl glaze and made a diamond pattern (after nearly throwing the laser level out the window in frustration) and put silver thumbtacks every two inches to create a sparkly nailhead effect- God bless anyone who decide to undo this lol. It is suble but fun and modern and young I think.
Here you get another view of the wall and you can see the shade we added to our fan- we find it hard to live without a fan. I would prefer just this shade on a dropped pendant- no fan- but this combination makes me happier than I thought it would. It is just a plain drum shade- I sewed crystals to the bottom for a little glitz and brad got an extender for where the bowl used to attach.. Here you can also see our 2 walkin closet doors. We are considering loosing one closet in favor of a second full bathroom- hope the money finds us soon!

So there you have it- our newly completed (almost anyway) Master bedroom. These are all camera phone pics- wish I had a better camera- but you get the idea. As soon as I finish another room I will post it as well- the kitchen renovation should be done in a week or two (God bless my husband ) and the living room and dining room are also coming along. Until then I hope You all are well- Im so excited to have followers! lol


  1. It all looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Love Love!! You did a great job! I love Craigslist too and have found a few treasures myself!!