Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days off and Craft time

My husband and I had two days off together and instead of loafing around like we usually do we got alot done. First we went with our friends to their wedding menu/cake tasting which was fabulous! Then we cleaned the house, bought me a new bra (cacique is fabulous!), watched 2012- pretty crazy movie, got the oil changed in my car, paid bills, AND I had time to craft. I have been obsessed with starburst mirrors since they got popular a few years back. I didnt want a tiny one and I didnt want to pay hundreds of dollars for one. So what I did was I went to hobby lobby- bought a 12" candle plate mirror, hot glued some galvanized wired (thin enough to bend by hand but thick enough to have some weight), and hot glued on small round mirrors to the wire.
I havent hung it really yet- I just used the nail that was already up there. Im gonna hang it higher and more centered. I used a decorative plate hanger from hobby lobby to hang it- I was afraid gluing a hook to the mirror would result in a big broken mess- so this was the best option i could come up with. All of this cost me about $25 bucks! I think im gonna glue on all of the little round mirror I had left too. I have wanted to do this for soooo long- so glad I finally got around to it!

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