Monday, March 15, 2010

Rachael 101

So this post will most likely be a list of everything I can think of that I love :)

* Hollywood Regency ANYTHING
I love the clean lines, Asian influence, and bright bold colors. Glamour and drama! That is what I'm all about.  If it sparkles- it will be mine lol.

Just a few of my favorites right now- it changes everyday!

* My puppies
I have 2 miniature Chinese Shar-pei. They are my children. They crack me up on a daily basis.

This is Violet- she is 4 years old. She is very prim and proper and delicate. Brad, my husband, says she is like me- the princess ;)

This is Newton. He is a little over 2 years old. He is ALL BOY. Rough and tumble, loves the dirt, and has a massive sock collection SOMEWHERE undisclosed. They really make our lives better and more full. No kids yet, but these do very nicely for now.


I love food and I have always been about "1 bite" of food that has many flavors packed into it- this is why I love sushi. For anyone who has not tried it there are TON of varieties with COOKED fish- sushi doesn't always mean raw fish- and this is how I started my relationship with sushi- slowly getting more and more adventurous in what I would order.My husband used to turn his nose up to it but a few months ago he tried some and LOVED it- I am eating alot more sushi now that I have a partner in crime to enjoy it with.

* Pink
I have- my whole life- always been obsessed with the color pink. I had a whole family of imaginary friends when I was little- The Pink Family- and they were all pink. I love pink because it oozes femininity, though its pretty hot on a confident man. It makes me feel girly and sexy without going overboard on sex appeal. It bring out the little girl in me who dressed in red glitter Dorothy shoes to go to the supermarket with my mom, leaving a trail of red glitter everywhere I went. I used to wake up extra early on holidays (Easter, valentines day, Christmas) to make sure I had the pink presents- even switching my sisters pink stuffed bunny for my yellow one one year (what WERE they thinking?!?!?!). Pink just makes me happy :)

*Comfort Food
If its cheesy, ooey-gooey, creamy, rich, or anything close to it I am in heaven. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle since my husband was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic last year- so I am trying constantly to take my fave recipes and cut down the fat. Its difficult lol. Food I would say brings me the greatest joy and the greatest heartache at the same time.

* My husband :)

My Husband, Brad, is my whole life. We have been together 7 years and married October 18th, 2008. He is funny, intelligent, supportive, caring, loving- everything I have always dreamed of for myself. It has been a very long road to get here but we are now partners in life. He is a musician and I have always been an artist so we connect on a very deep level through all artforms. I even bought a guitar for myself (after 7 years of living with a guitar player- you start to feel the itch!) and maybe someday I will learn how to play it hahahaha. Of course its pink. After a long day at work all I want to do is curl up next to Brad and talk or watch a movie or whatever. It really doesnt matter as long as he is next to me.

* New York city

I did my first year of college at The Fashion Institute (F.I.T.) in Manhattan and LOVED it. It really changed me. I used to be so shy and it really helped me find myself and start to love me for me. I miss it dearly and as soon as we are finished prepping our house for sale it goes on the market and we are moving back to NYC! There I will finish my Interior Design degree at F.I.T.- Cant wait!

So now you know a little about me and a little about what this blog will be. I hope to entertain and have fun documenting my life in thoughts and pictures.

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